Dr Mody Ayompe Lacour

Mody is the President and founder of STC. He works for the Community Action Council of Howard County, Columbia Maryland as a Quality Control Inspector and Energy Auditor. Prior to that he worked as an Energy Auditor and Comfort Advisor for Home Energy Medics. He worked as a researcher at the International Energy Research Centre (IERC) - an industry led, collaborative program of research and innovation in integrated sustainable energy system technologies in Cork, Ireland. At IERC he collaborated with over 10 industry partners to develop energy efficiency and energy storage projects; produced project scoping documents, and co-wrote EU grant proposals.

Mody is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of research and teaching experience in distributed energy resources, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency systems and energy policy. He holds a PhD in Engineering, a Master of Science degree in Computer Aided Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, a Master of Engineering degree in Energy and Power Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mody has experience in analyzing the techno-economic and environmental performance of renewable energy and sustainable energy systems. He has published over 10 peer-reviewed papers on PV systems, solar water heating systems, and micro combined heat and power in internationally recognized energy and policy journals that have been extensively cited. He is a co-author of “Renewable energy and energy efficiency: Assessment of projects and policies”.

Mody has over 15 years of business experience in rural parts of Cameroon. He is the founder and owner of multiple businesses in Nguti Municipality, a rural off-grid location in Cameroon. Activities handled by his businesses include: building construction, cleaning and maintenance services with the WIJMA lumber mill, carpentry workshop, charcoal production, and cold store for fresh livestock products. His business activities provide employment to over 70 youths.

Mody has over 20 years of experience owning and operating diesel generators in a micro-grid setting. For several years, he supplied electricity to businesses and households in Nguti town.

Mody is fluent in both written and spoken French.

Ayompe Ayompe