Dr Tanyi Perpetua

Perpetua holds a PhD in Social work (Social Gerontology) and is a senior lecturer in the Department of Social Work, University of Nigeria Nsukka. Presently she is a Postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Social Work/Sociology, University of Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

During the last few years, she has focused on issues related to older aged population including the AIDS epidemic impact on older persons in Cameroon. Her current research focuses on Cameroon, Nigeria and some parts of South Africa and involves usage of adult daycare as a culturally acceptable option to support caregivers of elderly persons. Her research uses both qualitative and quantitative methods, and virtually all of it is conducted in collaboration with colleagues in the various countries.

With her exposure in qualitative methods she has been able to carry out studies with some international organizations. This is reflected in her CV. She has been involved in so many studies that have to do with focus group discussions and in-depth interviews. As a researcher, she attends meetings with community leaders to negotiate how researches should be conducted in their communities. She organizes and facilitates workshops for Para-social workers and training of social workers on issues surrounding the care of older adults in South Africa.