Home Performance Improvement

Air filter slot cover

An uncovered air handling unit slot allows dirt to enter the duct system. Using filter slot covers eliminate energy loss and stop allergens and pollutants from entering the duct system. This increases the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner. We install slot covers that are lightweight, maintenance free and easy to install when replacing filters.

Sealing Duct Leaks

Duct leaks cause wastage of energy and reduce the flow of air in living spaces where the conditioned air is needed. Leaks nearer to the air handler are exposed to higher pressure and are more important than leaks further away. Return leaks are important for combustion safety and for efficiency. We install duct mastic and fiberglass mesh to seal duct leaks. When reinforcement or temporary closure is needed, we use tape or sheet metal.

Attic hatch insulation

Building a dam around the attic hatch prevents loose-fill insulation from falling down the hatchway. Foam board insulation prevents the access hatch from being a thermal weakness. We install layers of foam board glued together to achieve attic insulation R-value of at least R-38.

Attic dropdown stair insulation

Uninsulated attic dropdown stairs can be a major source of heat loss. Dropdown stairs are particularly very leaky. Installing a radiant door cover and sealing the seams around it with caulk significantly reduces heat loss and air leakage.

Efficient Lighting Systems

Efficient lighting systems reduce energy consumption and provide better lighting quality. Lighting efficiency improvements include bulb (lamp) replacement, daylighting, fixture replacement, and energy-efficient lighting controls. It is important to use daylighting as appropriate to save electricity. Replace, adjust, or repair window coverings to maximize useful daylight where appropriate. Design and use active and passive day lighting where appropriate.

Lighting upgrades

Upgrading lighting equipment from halogens and incandescent bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) results in significant energy and cost savings. We select bulbs, fixtures, and controls to provide the brightness and light quality required. Bulb replacements are selected based on expected life span, light quality, and lifetime energy use.

Cut Energy Bills and Improve Your Home's Efficiency

Heating and cooling accounts for about 50 percent of your energy usage, but the average house has enough leaks and drafts to equal a 1 sq. ft. hole. Sealing the leaks and improving insulation in your home can help you save as much as 20 percent on your heating and cooling bills. An efficient, greener home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, increasing its resale value. We use diagnostic tools such as blower doors and thermal cameras to identify how drafty your home is and recommend ways to reduce energy loss by sealing leaks