James Agbormbai, PE

James is a versatile Professional Engineer with twenty-eight plus years’ experience working in various industries; coupled with industry certification in API 616/617 code overview, construction quality management, ASME B31.1 visual weld inspection, ISO 9001-2000 and project management. He possesses excellent design, analysis and writing skills. He holds a BSc and Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

His specific skills relevant to this feasibility study include: project appraisal including cash flow modeling and feasibility studies; environmental impact studies; renewable energy applications; power plant cycle design and analysis; maintenance management and planning; machine design and drawing; design of heat exchangers; project management; construction quality management; building and industrial commissioning.

James has extensive experience performing environmental impact studies. He successfully completed a variety of professional engineering design projects overseeing their construction and commissioning.

James is proficient in written and spoken French.