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Description of Organization including types of services offered

Sustainable Technology Consulting, Limited Liability (STC) is an energy consulting company based in the state of Virginia, United States of America. STC was set up to implement sustainable energy projects with focus on developing countries. STC aims to help correct imbalances in energy supply and demand that often result in power outage, and provide access to areas of Africa that have been suppressed by lack of modern energy services.

We make use of our expertise to select innovative and cost-effective technologies that have the potential to provide modern energy services to businesses and communities in developing countries using locally available resources.

Our interest is on energy efficient lighting; distributed energy generation systems such as: waste-to-energy; photovoltaics; micro hydro; and micro wind. Current waste-to-energy projects under development include lumber mill waste and municipal solid waste to electricity and heat.

Currently, we are working with 5 lumber mills in Cameroon to use the waste (mainly sawdust) they have accumulated over several years and what they continue to produce to generate clean and affordable energy for lumber drying and electricity generation. In off-grid locations, excess electricity will be exported to the neighboring communities. In some of the sites, we are exploring ways of convert to producing charcoal using wood logs from compressing sawdust.

Our affiliate in Cameroon (Appropriate Technology Services) has installed several solar home systems and solar street lights in rural communities. We are actively working with the Catholic Mission in the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and deploy sustainable energy solutions where additional energy is required.