STC Core Strengths and Expertise

STC has put together a consortium of industry experts to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study on the use of cashew residues for energy (heat and electricity) generation. STC has established a proven record in identifying and deploying cost-effective and sustainable technologies that use locally available resources like wood waste, agricultural residues, to generate energy services for business and local communities.

STC has expertise in utilizing excess lumber mill residues (sawdust and wood waste) to generate clean, reliable and affordable energy to meet the energy needs of lumber mills and sell excess energy to local businesses and neighboring communities.  In addition, STC enabled a local soap producer in Cameroon to switch his primary fuel base from diesel to a biomass gasification plant, thereby improving overall business operations. As a result, the soap producer was able to switch from a more expensive, environmentally degrading and unsustainable fuel source (diesel) to a cheaper, cleaner, more sustainable fuel resource (local wood chips). This alternate energy solution has made the soap factory more sustainable and profitable.

A core area of expertise is the provision of energy solutions to clients in francophone African countries. STC has local partners who provide unique socio-cultural expertise to overcome challenges that often arise in the implementation of projects in African countries.

STC’s consortium comprises the best industry experts who can provide a comprehensive feasibility study on the use of cashew residues for energy generation. STC has consultants with PhDs in Agricultural Economics and finance; Civil Engineering; Energy Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Social Works; Social Sciences; and Analytical Chemistry.